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Three Questions Questions and Answers 2022

Q. What was the first question of the Tsar? What were the replies of the learned men of his kingdom?

Answer: The Tsar wanted to know three questions from the learned men to get success. The first question was what was the right time to start any work.

All men came to the Tsar to answer his questions. In reply to his first question some said to know the right time to start any work, one must draw up in advance a table of days, months, and years. Some said one should always attend to all the work that was going on. Others said that to know the right time one should have a council of wise men. Again others said that one must consult magicians who know the right time for every action.


Q. What were the second and third questions of the Tsar? What were the replies of the wise men? Did the answers satisfy the Tsar?

Answer: The second question of the Tsar was who the right person in life would be. The third question of the Tsar was what the most important work to do in life was.

                      In reply to his second question, some said that the councilors were the most needed men to the Tsar, others said that the doctors and others said that the warriors would be the most important person.

To the third question, some answered that science was the most important thing in the world, others said that the skill in warfare or religious worship could be the most important work.

              The Tsar was not at all satisfied with the answers of the learned men become they gave some money possible answers which were different from one another.


Q. How did Tsar go to meet the hermit? Describe the meeting of the Tsar with the hermit before the coming of the bearded man?

Answer: To know the right answers to his questions, Tsar decided to meet a wise in the wood. But the hermit was old and weak. He lived in a wood which he never quitted. He met only common people. So, before reaching the hut of the hermit, the Tsar dismounted from his horse, left his bodyguards behind, and put on simple clothes.

            Going there Tsar saw that the hermit was digging the earth with a spade. He turned a little earth and breathed heavily. The Tsar asked his questions to the hermit but he didn’t give any reply. Being sympathetic, the Tsar took the spade from the hermit and started to dig. The Tsar had two beds and stopped. He again asked the hermit his three questions but the hermit didn’t reply and wanted to dig himself. The Tsar didn’t allow him to dig and he himself dug till sunset. Then he asked the hermit again to give answers otherwise he would return home.


Q. How did the Tsar nurse the bearded man?  


Describe how the Tsar and the hermit cured the injured bearded man.

Answer: The injured man came to the Tsar and hermit with a fatal wood in his stomach. The man pressed his hands against his stomach. Blood was flowing profusely. The Tsar and the hermit unfastened the man’s clothing. There was a deep wound in his stomach. The Tsar washed it with his handkerchief and with a towel the hermit had. But blood didn’t stop flowing out. He again washed and rebandaged the wound. At last blood ceased flowing. Then the man asked for something to drink. The Tsar brought fresh water and gave it to him. Then at sunset, the Tsar with the hermit’s help carried the man into the hermit’s hut. They laid the wounded man on the bed. Thus, the Tsar and the hermit nursed the injured man.


Q. Who was the wounded man? Why did he want to kill the Tsar? How was he wounded? 

Answer: The wounded man was the brother of the Tsar’s enemy. 

      He wanted to kill the Tsar because the Tsar once executed his brother and seized his property. The man knew that Tsar had gone alone to meet the hermit. So, he decided to kill him on his way back. But the day passed and the Tsar didn’t return. So, the man came out from his ambush to find the Tsar. As soon as he came out, he came upon the Tsar’s bodyguards who recognized him and wounded him immediately. Thus the man was wounded.


Q. What are the final answers of a hermit to the Tsar’s three questions?


Q. Do you agree with or accept the hermit’s final answers to the Tsar’s three questions? Discuss.

Answer: Yes, I do agree with the answers with examples given by hermit.

The hermit’s first answer, relating to the ‘right time’ is always ‘now’. It is the most important time because it is the only time when one has any power. 

The hermit’s second answer, relating to the right person is he/she with whom one is. That man might be good or bad. 

The hermit’s third answer, relating to the most important work is to do good to others. That is the most important purpose of one’s life.

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