The Poetry Of Earth: Questions and Answers For Class 12, WBCHSE

The Poetry of Earth Questions and Answer: Dear Students, we have given only two notes on the poem ‘ The Poetry of Earth’. The Poetry of Earth is a sonnet by John Keats. Here we have given The Poetry of Earth by John Keats question and answer. If you read these answers, you can answer any questions asked in the HS exam.

Q. Give the substance of the poem ‘The Poetry of Earth’.


The Poetry  of Earth Summary

Ans: In his sonnet ‘The Poetry of Earth’ John Keats explains that poetry of earth will live in this earth forever. When the birds become tired in the hot summer days, they take rest in the cool shade of trees. A voice of grasshopper runs from hedge to hedge to spread the music of summer. Being tired the grasshopper takes rest beneath some pleasant weeds. The music of the earth never comes to an end. After the grasshopper, the cricket carries the music of nature in winter. In the evening of winter when frost creates silence everywhere, the song of the cricket introduces warmth into the frost. The person, who is enchanted, believes that the cricket is the grasshopper because the warmth of the song of cricket leads him to imagine the grasshopper’s song in the grassy hills. 


Q. Identify the voices of poetry in the poem. How does Keats establish continuity through voices?  


The Poetry of Earth is never dead meaning.

Ans: In the poem, ‘ The Poetry of Earth’ Keats believes that the music of nature never ends. In the summer, the nature’s music is heard in the song of the grasshopper and in winter it is carried by the song of cricket.

           When in hot summer days the birds become tired, the music of the summer can not be stopped. The grasshopper takes the lead. Nature’s musicians keep alive the poetry of earth in the cycle of seasons. When winter arrives and creates silence everywhere, the cricket keeps the music of earth alive. In this way the cheerful comes and song of the cricket brings warmth and new energy. Thus, Keats establishes that the music of nature can never be stopped.


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