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Samaja ePaper: Samaj is one of the oldest Odia Daily published in the Indian state of Odisha. This paper was founded by the famous Odia freedom fighter and social worker Gopabandhu Das in the year of 1919. At first, it was published under the name of Satyabadi a weakly magazine to support the freedom struggle and to revive the mother language Odia against the British.

In 1928 the name of Satyabadi is changed to Samaj and published as a Daily Odia newspaper. From that time to till date it is considered the most famous and circulated Odia daily.

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An average of 50 lakh people love to read Samaj ePaper daily in Odisha. Samaj is the most lovable and accepted newspaper house in Odisha due to its unique content, news, and segments. From its starting date to now it is running under a non-profit organization called Lok Sevak Mandal, So u find each and every piece of news in this paper is unbiased. Samaj ePaper covers news like sports news, Odisha news, political news, daily news, current affairs, finance news, quizzes, and questionnaires. Samaj Paper helps competitive preparation students to update themselves about daily events around Odisha and the world. So each day competitive students of Odisha love to read Samaj paper.

In this post, We are daily updating the Samaj News Paper Today PDF and Samaj ePaper Download link for the people of Odisha. You can download it from our website free of Cost at any time. If you want to buy a Samaj e-paper then you can buy it from your local paper dealer.

Samaja ePaper

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If you want to download Samaja ePaper Today Version on your mobile, Then you can download it from the above-given link on our website.

In Odisha, Samaja newspaper published ten different editions which are Bhubaneswar Edition, Cuttack Edition, Rourkela Edition, Sambalpur Edition, Angul Edition, Berhampur Edition, Balesore Edition, Koraput Edition, Vizag Edition, & Kolkata Edition.

Here Below You can find the all-edition of Samaj ePaper

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If you want to download Today Samaja newspaper in PDF format you can download it from the above-given link. On this website, we also provide back date samaj newspaper for the people of Odisha. If you want Samaja previous date newspaper then you can find it here.

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About Samaj Newspaper

Samaj Newspaper is now the Oldest running non-profitable news published paper house in Odisha. It has completed ‘Hundred Two’ years of its glorious publication and publishing from eight places having live editions as Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, Balasore, Cuttack, Kolkata, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Vizag spreading across three States – Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal. More Details about Samaj Paper are Here.

Name Of The PaperSamaj Newspaper
Published LanguageOdia
Foundation Date1919
Founded ByUtkal Mani Gopabandhu Das
Now Manage and Own ByLok Sevak Mandal, New Delhi
Paper price Per Day₹ 05
CategoryNews Paper and Magazine

Samaja ePaper Odisha

Samaja is one of the largest circulated Odia daily. This paper house published its news in the web version on its official website If you want to read the daily Odisha News then you can read it there. Citizens are also able to read the latest news, current affairs, and Odisha news on this site.

Samaj paper PDF for OPSC

For Odisha Civil Service aspirants Samaja paper published different editorials on the topic of state affairs, international affairs, political analysis, business, and finance editorial, etc on its column. Which help OPSC preparation aspirants to achieve their goal. For OPSC students it is very useful to get Samaj Paper pdf on mobile. So in this post, we are providing today’s Sambad ePaper pdf download link.

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