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The Assamese Calendar 2023, also known as Bhskarbda in Assamese, is a solar calendar used in the Indian state of Assam. Bohag Bihu is the name of the New Year in the Assamese calendar. The calendar starts counting on the day that Kumar Bhashkar Barman was crowned king of Kamarupa.

Assamese Calendar 2023

The Assamese calendar 2023, commonly referred to as the Assamese Calendar or Panjika, occupies a significant position in the lives of the inhabitants of Assam. Deeply intertwined with age-old customs and cultural legacy, the Assamese calendar serves a dual purpose of timekeeping while also symbolizing the distinctive identity and prosperous history of the Assamese populace.

Assamese Calendar 2023 January

Assamese Calendar 2023 January

Here are the list of Festivals and Holidays in Assamese January 2023 Calendar.

13ThursdayPutrada Ekadashi
14FridayMakara Sankranti
15SaturdayMagh Bihu
26ThursdaySarswati Puja

Assamese Calendar February 2023

Assamese Calendar Feb 2023

list of Assamese Festivals and Holidays in Assamese Calendar.

February 13MondayKumbha Sankranti
February 18SaturdayMaha Sivratri
February 27SaturdayIshati

Assamese Calendar March 2023

March 2023 Assamese Calendar

Assamese Festivals List in March 2023

March 8WednesdayHoli
March 15WednesdayMina Sankranti
March 29WednesdayAshoka Astami
March 30ThursdaySri Rama Nabami
March 31FridayBasantika Dushara

Assamese Calendar 2023 April

Assamese Calendar 2023 April
April 6ThursdayChaitra Purnima
April 14FridayMaha Bishuba panasankranti
April 22SaturdayIdul-Fitar
April 23SundayAkhaya Trutiya
April 29SaturdaySita Navami

May 2023 Assamese Panjika

Assamese Calendar May 2023
May 01MondayLaboure Day
May 04ThursdayNursingha Janma
May 05FridayChandan Purnima
May 15MondayBrusha Sankranti
May 19FridaySabitri Amabasya
May 24WednesdaySiba Bibha
May 25ThursdaySutala Sasthi
May 30TuesdayGanga Dushera

June 2023

Assamese Calendar June 2023
June 15ThursdayMithuna Sankranti
June 2oTuesdayRatha Yatra

July 2023

Assamese Calendar July 2023
July 03MondayByasaPurnima , Gurupurnima
July 10MondayBol Bam Arambha
July 17MondayChitalagi Amabasya
July 29SaturdayMaharam

August 2023

Assamese Calendar August 2023
August 15TuesdayIndiapindence Day
August 16WednesdayAmabasya
August 17ThursdaySingha Sankranti
August 30WednesdayRakshya Bandhana , Rakhi purnima , Bala Bhadra Janma
August 31ThursdayGamha Purnima

September 2023

Assamese Calendar September 2023
September 05TuesdayGuru Divas , Radhakrisna Jayanti
September 07WednesdaySri Krushna Janmastami , Nanda Utsava
September 17SundayBiswakarma Puja
September 19TuesdayGanesh Chatruthi
September 22FridayRadhastami
September 24SundayTala Navami , Anukul Chandra Jayanti
September 28ThursdayMohamad Janma
September 29FridayIndra Utsava

October 2023 Assamese Calendar

Assamese Calendar October 2023
Oct 2SundayGandhi jayanti, Sastri Jayanti
Oct 14MondayMahalaya 2023 , Mahalaya amavasya
Oct 15TuesdayDurga puja start, Shardiya navratri
Oct 18Wednesdaygarbhana sankranti
Oct 21SundayMaha ashtami, Mrunmai debinka saptami puja
Oct 22Fridaymaha nabami, mrunmai debinka maha ashtami puja
Oct 23SundayMaha nabami puja
Oct 24Mondaybijaya dashami, dussehra
Oct 28Mondaykumar purnima 2023 , gaja laxmi puja

November 2023

Assamese Calendar Nov 2023
November 12SundayKali Puja , Diwali
November 13MondayAmavasya
November 14TuesdayGovardhana Puja
November 17FridayBicha Sankranti
November 21TuesdayAnala Navami

December 2023 Assamese Calendar

assamese calendar 2023 December
December 05TuesdayPrathamastami
December 07ThursdayLaxmi Brata
December 12TuesdayAmavasya
December 15FridayRambha Trutia
December 16SaturdayDhanu Sankranti
December 25MondayJisu Khrista janma
December 26TuesdayPurnima , Pandu Osa

List of Government Holidays in Assamese Calendar 2023

As Per the government notification, Here are the Govt. Holiday List for the state of Assam.

DateDayHoliday Name
January 01SundayNew Year
January 14SaturdayMagh Bihu
January 15SundayTusu Pooja
January 23MondayNetaji Subash Chandra Bose Jayanti
January 26ThursdayRepublic Day
January 31TuesdayMe-dam-me-phi
March 08WednesdayHoli
April 07FridayGood Friday
April 15FridayBohag Bihu
April 22SaturdayEid-ul-Fitr
May 05FridayBuddha Purnima
August 15TuesdayIndependence Day
October 02MondayGandhi Jayanti
October 21SaturdayMaha Saptami
October 22SundayMaha Ashtami
October 23MondayMaha Navami
October 24TuesdayDussehra
November 12SundayDeepavali
November 27MondayGuru Nanak Jayanti
December 25MondayChristmas

More Details About Assamese Calendar

One of the oldest calendars in existence is the Assamese calendar. Traditional Assamese festivals are observed in February or March. The Assamese “Pu Phal Pu” holiday commemorates the native new year, which typically occurs in April but can also happen in March or a day before or after. 2023 Assamese Calendar PDF.

The Bengali Hindu calendar used in the Brahmaputra valley is known as the Assamese Calendar, also known as the Khamir Bihanga (Assam). The Assamese calendar, also referred to as the “calendar,” is traditionally used to determine dates and forecast the future. The Hindu calendar’s establishment 2000 years ago marks the beginning of the history.

Days Name In Assamese

The seven-day week, which is utilised by many other calendars, is included in the Assamese Calendar. The Assamese Calendar’s names for the days of the week are derived from the Navagraha. In contrast to the Gregorian calendar, which starts the day at midnight, the Assamese calendar starts and ends the day at sunrise.

Day NameRomanizationEnglish

Months Name In Assamese

Assamese NameRomanizationSanskrit Name

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