Salmon Fish In Odia, Benefits, Nutrition Facts, And Cost In Odisha

Salmon Fish In Odia: Salmon fish is known as SALAMAN MACHHA (Rohi Machha) in Odia. It is the most popular fish on the list of fish and is good for your health. The market does not have it readily available.

Omega3, vitamin B, protein, and other ingredients are present in this salmon fish, which makes it healthy to eat. This fish aids in the treatment of many ailments, including cancer, hair loss, eye protection, brain health, skin fairness, and weight loss.

Every Zim student consumes fish in a very basic manner compared to others due to the benefits of fish, which include more protein and numerous health benefits. Due to caste or geographic differences, some people prefer eating fish to chicken.

Salmon Fish In Odia

Salmon Fish In Odia Overview

Post TitleSalmon Fish In Odia
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Salmon Fish Odia NameRohi Macha(ରୋହି)
Salmon Fish Price in Odisha200
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Nutrition Of Salmon Fish In Odia

Salmon Fish or Rohi macha contains the following Nutrition.

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Sugar
  • Protein
  • Calories
  • Fat
  • Sodium

Benefits Of Eating Salmon Fish

Rohi, or salmon fish, is the name given to this type of fish in Orissa. Because it has so many additional health benefits, people often consume it right away. This fish aids in the treatment of many ailments, including cancer, eye protection, brain health, hair loss, etc

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Advantages Of Eating Solman Fish

  • High Vitamin B
  • Present Potassium
  • available Selenium
  • Astaxanthin present
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Nutrition
  • Rich omega 3 present
  • Best Protein Source
  • Balance Weight
  • Fight against Inflammation
  • Improve brain health

Salmon Fish Price In India

Salmon fish prices vary according to the location in India. In some parts of the Country, it’s available at 200 rs per kg, Whereas in some parts its price goes up to 400. But the average price of Salmon fish in India is Rs. 200.

Salmon Fish Price In IndiaRs. 200

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Salmon Fish in Odisha and Bhubaneswar

There are many more fish shops selling this fish in the Bhubaneswar market. You can easily purchase this salmon fish in Odisha if you’re in Bhubaneswar by going to a fish store. You can easily access this fish market online by going to the Bhubaneswar fish market normally, but you will need to buy and carry everything yourself.

Salmon fish can also be purchased in Cuttack and numerous other cities in the state of Odisha. It is easily accessible in the fish market and fish shops in Bhubaneswar for a price


Q: What is the Odia Name of the salmon fish?

The Odia Name of the salmon fish is Rohi Macha.

Q: What is the Price Of Salmon Fish In Odisha?

Normally the price of Salmon Fish in Odisha is 200 but in a different place, it is up and down 20-30 rupees.

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