A Visit to a Book Fair : Paragraph/Essay 100 Words, 150 Words

Hello students, today we are going to learn how to write a paragraph on “A Visit to a Book Fair”. It is a very simple paragraph. You can learn very easily. We have used a book fair place name but you can use your own town or city name. Here we have used the Kolkata book fair. Kolkata is a city in India. If you are from other places you can use your place or your city name. Okay let’s get started.

A Visit to a Book Fair 

I, with my friends, visited the Kolkata book fair. The gates of the fair were nicely decorated. There were hundreds of book stalls in the book fair. Those stalls also were beautifully decorated with flowers and also different kinds of books. Those stalls contained different kinds of books. Many publishers came to this fair from the other states of India. I visited some book stalls to see different types of books. And I also took some of my favourite books. I was very  eager to see the large number of books on different topics, subjects. My friends also took some books. I bought some books which are “Pather Panchali”, “Feludar Kirti”, “Bipiner Sangsar”. One of my friends took “Hamlet”. Then we have eat chawmin, momo and snakes. Finally we came back to home in the evening. 



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