Proper Noun : Examples and Definition

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What is Noun ?

Noun is a naming word. All the things in the universe have name is Noun.

Types of Noun

There are five types of noun. These are –

1) Proper Noun

2) Common Noun

3) Collective Noun

4) Material Noun

5) Abstract Noun

What is a Proper Noun

Today we are going to discuss about Proper Noun. Proper noun is the name of a particular person, place, thing etc.

For example : 

Your name is a proper noun.

Your city name is a proper noun. 

The bank name in which you have an account is a proper noun.

Proper Noun Definition

Proper noun is the name of a particular person, thing, place etc. It identifies specific name of something. It begins with Capital letter.

For example : London, Mumbai, Virat Kohli, Washington, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Bank of America, January, Britain, and so on.

Common Noun vs Proper Noun

Common noun is the name given in common to every person or thing of the same class or kind or type.

For example : man, country, city, girl, boy, month, day etc.

Proper noun is the name of a particular person, thing, place etc.

For example : John, India, Delhi, Akriti, Sundar Pichai, January, Sunday etc.

Proper Noun Examples

There are millions of Proper noun. But we have given some of these for understanding the concept.

Common NounProper Noun
ManSundar Pichai
EpicBible, Mahabharata
BookThe Intelligent Investor
FestivalChristmas, Independence Day
PlaceTaj Mahal, Eiffel Tower
BankBank of America, State Bank of India
DoctorDr. Jain
RoadG.T Road
AuthorCharles Dickens
TrainRajdhani Express

FAQs about Proper Noun

Is I a Proper Noun ?

Ans: No, ‘I’ is a pronoun.

Is mom a Proper Noun?

Ans: Mom is not a proper noun because it is not specific name. It is common noun.

What does Proper Noun means?

Ans: Proper noun means specific name.

Is dad a Proper Noun?

Ans: No, it is a common noun.

Is Earth a Proper Noun?

Ans: Yes, because Earth is the name of a particular planet.

Is Sun a Proper Noun?

Ans: Yes, because Sun is a specific star.

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