Odia Actor Pintu Nanda Biography, Age, Family, And Health Condition

According to media reports, Pintu Nanda has been experiencing symptoms of liver cirrhosis for a while. When Nanda’s condition became quite critical, he was admitted to a nearby hospital. However, after providing him with initial care and advising him to receive a liver transplant in Delhi, India, the concerned doctor released him.

Pintu Nanda Death News and Last Image

On the night of the 1st march, Odia’s famous actor-comedian PIntu Nanda left this earth and dead due to serious health conditions and liver failure. His dismissal at this early age is really very upsetting to the Odia audience and cinema industry. Here are some of the last pictures of Odia actor Pintu Nanda.

Pintu nada hospital image

Pintu Nanda’s Family, Age, and Recent News

At the time of writing (2023), Pintu Nanda will be 45 years old and living with his older brother in Bhubaneswar. Two sons, one in the tenth grade and the other in the third, belong to Nanda. Due to a lack of funds, he has traveled to Delhi for treatment.

Pintu Nanda needs 50 lakhs for his additional treatment, which must take place in Delhi, according to media reports. Additionally, it is reported that his supporters and well-wishers have launched a number of fundraising campaigns on various social media platforms to help the 45-year-old actor, who is well known for playing negative roles, receive the proper care.

The names of Pintu’s wife and parents are unknown, despite the fact that his older brother is called Abhiram Nanda.

Pintu Nanda

Movies and Career of Pintu Nanda

Pintu Nanda’s career in the Odia industry began with telefilms, and he made his acting debut in the 1996 film Koili. Since that time, he has played a crucial role in the Ollywood industry.

In the years that followed, Nanda appeared in the films Wrong number in 2022, Prema Rutu Aslilare in 2006, Dosti in 2011, Hata Dhari Chalutha in 2013, Rumku Jhumana in 2013, and Katha Deli Matha Chuin in 2017.

These are just a few of his most well-known films. As of 2023, his height is roughly 5 feet 8 inches tall, and his weight is roughly 75 kg.

Pintu nanda last image

Pintu Nanda Health Condition

Pintu Nanda, a versatile actor in Ollywood, became ill. A few days later, he was hospitalized due to a serious case. Many residents of Odisha are interested in Pintu Nanda’s most recent state of health. The most recent Pintu Nanda health news is updated here.

His condition seems to be grave. He is said to have liver cirrhosis, according to reports. According to reports, the doctor who was attending to him suggested to the family that they take him to Delhi for better care. His chronic hepatitis completely destroyed his liver. In Delhi, liver transplants will soon be performed.

According to the doctor, it will cost about Rs 50 lakh. According to reports, Pintu Nanda’s friends and family are still making financial contributions to his care. He is receiving care at a Bhubaneswar-area private hospital. Wednesday, however, saw a further decline in his health, and he was subsequently admitted to the hospital.

pintu nanda family

Pintu Nanda Biography

In the Ollywood industry, Pintu Nanda is a well-known figure. He appeared as almost every kind of character on film. In real life, he conducted a variety of experiments on his character. He always portrays himself in a very different way, whether that character is a positive, negative, or very brief one, and he gives that character life through his role-play.

People always appreciate his performance, though, in a negative role. He is currently engaged in filming “Prema Pae Mahabharat,” his upcoming film. In this film, he is portraying a villain.

He has reportedly been afflicted with liver-related conditions for the past few months. Debesh, his nephew, stated that Nanda’s condition was critical. Even now, he is speechless. He’s slimmed down considerably. We are asking for God’s blessing on him.

Pintu Nanda Recent News

“He requires a liver transplant right away, according to the doctor, because his liver is damaged. We’re attempting to raise the roughly Rs 50 lakh transplant cost through crowdsourcing. I kindly request that everyone give what they can to help take care of my uncle “Debesh said.

Pradeep Satapathy, Nanda’s brother-in-law, stated, “We are literally crying for his health. Their association is looking for funding sources for medical care. Yesterday, two of their representatives came to meet with us. They should be able to aid us. The 45-year-old actor, who is best known for playing evil characters, is currently staying at the home of his older brother, Abhiram Nanda.

Nanda was reportedly taken to the hospital after his condition got worse. It has been suggested to his family to transport him to Delhi for advanced medical care, which would cost a staggering Rs 50 lakh. The 45-year-old actor, who is best known for playing evil characters, is currently residing at the home of his older brother, Abhiram Nanda.

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Pintu Nanda Biography Overview

NamePintu Nanda
IndustryOdia Cinema
Pintu Nanda Date of Death01 March 2023
Married StatusMarried

Pintu Nanda All Movies

  • 2012  Parshuram
  • 2012  Love Master
  • 2012  Chanda Na Tame Tara
  • 2012  Gud Boy
  • 2012  Shapath
  • 2011  Aain Kanoon
  • 2011  Dosti
  • 2011  Chori Chori Mana Chori
  • 2011  143 – I Love You
  • 2011  Hero – Prem Katha
  • 2011  Mana Mora Prajapati
  • 2010  Tu Tha Mun Jauchi Rushi
  • 2010  Diwana
  • 2010  Prema Adhei Akshyara
  • 2010  Tora More Jodi Sundara
  • 2010  Swayamsiddha
  • 2016  Jouthi Tu Seithi Mu
  • 2015  Aashiq
  • 2015  Maya
  • 2014  Ganja Ladhei
  • 2014  Tame Thile Sathire
  • 2014  Mental
  • 2014  Omm
  • 2014  Sahitya Didi
  • 2014  Haribol Nuhe Tanka Bol (Special Appreance)
  • 2014  Puni Dekha Heba Ara Janamare
  • 2013  Bachelor
  • 2013  Dharma
  • 2013  Daha Balunga
  • 2013  Hari Om Hari
  • 2013  Hata Dhari Chalutha
  • 2013  Ashok Samrat
  • 2013  Rumku Jhumana
  • 2013  Deewana Deewani
  • 2013  Badhu Nuhen Mu Bandhu
  • 2010  Bhul Bujhibani Mate
  • 2010  Pahili Raja
  • 2010  Sanju Aau Sanjana
  • 2010  Mu Kana Ete Kharap
  • 2009  Abhimanyu
  • 2009  Mitare Meeta
  • 2009  Dream Girl
  • 2009  Prem Rogi
  • 2008  To Bina Bhala Lagena
  • 2008  Munna: A Love Story
  • 2008  Nandini I Love U
  • 2008  Mate Ta Love Helare
  • 2008  Hasiba Puni Mo Suna Sansar
  • 2007  Lal Tuku Tuku Sadhaba Bahu
  • 2007  Kali Sankar
  • 2007  Jai Jagannath
  • 2007  Mahanayak
  • 2007  Monika O My Darling
  • 2006  I Love My India
  • 2006  Prema Rutu Aslilare
  • 2006  Priya Mo Asiba Pheri
  • 2006  Rakate Lekhichi Naa
  • 2005  I Love You
  • 2005  O My Love
  • 2004  Rakhiba Jadi Se Maariba Kie
  • 2004  Sathire
  • 2003  Aeithi Swarga Aeithi Narka
  • 2003  Maa Mangala
  • 2003  Bahudibe Mo Jaga Balia
  • 2002  Wrong Number
  • 1999  Jai Sriram
  • 1999  Maa Goja Bayani
  • 1999  To Akhi Mo Aina
  • 1997  Ram Laxman
  • 1996  Koili

Pintu Nanda Net Worth

As per the source, Odia actor Pintu Nanda’s total net worth is around 50 lakhs to 1 cr. He acted in a negative role in many movies but in real life, he is a very simple and decent person. He is one of the few Odia actors who continuously try to bring some fresh Odia Content to the audience.

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