Happy Uttarayana Wishes 2023 in Gujurati – ઉત્તરાયણની શુભકામનાઓ, Whatsapp status, Quotes, HD Images to share

Happy Uttarayana Wishes: The word “Uttarayaa” is derived from two distinct Sanskrit words, “Uttara” (North) and “Ayana” (movement), and it refers to the Sun’s motion on the celestial sphere as moving toward the north. A day after the winter solstice in December, this movement starts and lasts for six months, until the summer solstice.

Happy Uttarayana 2023

This year the Uttarayana or Makara Sankranti will be coming on Saturday 14 January. In this Post, we are going to tell you how to wish your dear one in Uttarayana 2023 (ઉત્તરાયણની). In this post we also provide you with some HD Uttarayana wishes images, Whatsapp statuses, Quotes, and many more in both English and Gujarati language.

Uttarayana Wishes

Happy Uttarayana Wishes 2023

Gujarati calendars place the date of Uttarayan in 2023 on January 14th. Popular names for the day include Makar Sankranti and Sankranti. The northern transit of the Sun, which lasts for six months and is known as Uttarayana Punyakalam in South India, is thought to be the daytime of the Devas. Gujarat and Maharashtra are two states where the word Uttarayan is widely used.

Uttarayana 2023 Overview

FestivalUttarayana ((ઉત્તરાયણની)
TitleUttarayana Wishes
DateSaturday, 14 January 2023
CategoryWishes & Quotes
Celebrated byGujarati People
Other NameMakara Sankranti

Flying kites during Uttarayan

Gujarat celebrates Uttarayan over a two-day period, and Ahmedabad hosts an international kite festival at the same time. During this time, thousands of kites are flown in the sky, and kite flying competitions are also held throughout many regions. On this day, people assemble on terraces and rooftops to fly kites.

Enthusiasts for kite flying from all over the world travel to Ahmedabad to compete in the global event. In Ahmedabad, there is a market called Patang Bazaar that is named after kites because the festival has gained such notoriety. However, it is unclear how kite flying came to be associated with the Uttarayan festival. The Uttarayan festival has included kite flying for more than 1000 years.

Uttarayan 2023 Wishes

Here are some Uttarayan 2023 Wishes for the Gujurati people. Get ideas and wish your dear one on this special occasion of Makara Sankranti.

  • Wishing you a prosperous and bountiful Uttarayan. May the harvest bring you joy and success.
  • તમને અને તમારા પરિવાર ને ઉત્તરાયણ ની હાર્દિક શુભકામનાઓ.
  • ઉત્તરાયણનો તહેવાર તમારા હૃદયના દરેક ખૂણાને ખુશીઓથી ભરી દે અને બધી નકારાત્મકતા દૂર કરે. દૂર ચલાવો, તમને ઉત્તરાયણ 2023 ની એવી શુભકામનાઓ
  • ઉત્તરાયણનો સુખી અને સાર્વત્રિક શુભેચ્છા, તમારા ફસણોમાં ખાતરી અને તમારી ખુશીને કાયમ રહે
uttarayana messages

Uttarayana WhatsApp Status Images

To wish your friends on Facebook and Whatsapp here are some best HD Uttarayana WhatsApp & Facebook Status Images .

uttaryana wishes

Uttaryana is also known as Makra Sankranti in Gujurat. So people of Gujurat also celebrate & wish Makra Sankranti to their friends and family.


Some Facts About Uttarayana

Surya, the Sun God, is worshipped during Uttarayan, which is essentially a form of nature worship. Additionally, cows, oxen, and other domesticated animals are bathed, fed sweets, and given fresh grass. Due to the dependence of man on domesticated animals and plants, special pujas are performed for their welfare.

The dish “khichdo” is made with grains from the most recent harvest. The exchange of a mixture of sesame seeds and jaggery by friends, family, and neighbors is another significant ritual. On Uttarayan, it is symbolic that people forget and forgive all grudges and disputes from the past and begin anew by exchanging sesame and jaggery. During the festival, special desserts and treats are made, including laddoos, undhiyu, Tal-sankadi, chiki, and surati jamun.

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FAQ About Uttarayana

When is the festival of Uttarayana?

This year Uttarayana Festival falls on Saturday, 14 January 2023.

In Which State Kite Festival are Observed?

Kite Festival is Observed in Ahamadabad of Gujurat on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.

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