Odia Months Name List – Odia Masara Nama and Rutu Nama

Odia Months Name: The Gregorian calendar is the version of English that is widely used. On the Odia Calendar, however, the New Year is referred to as Pana Sankranti. The first month of the Odia calendar, Baisakha corresponds to mid-April in the English calendar. Odia bases its months on lunar eclipses.

There are two Pakhya each month: the Shukla Pakhya and the Krushna Pakhya. Amavasya, the day of the dark moon, marks the beginning of Shukla Paksha, which ends just before the full Moon. Purnima, the day of the full moon, marks the beginning of Krushna Pakhya, which ends just before Amavasya.

Month Names in Odia

A year has 12 months on the Odia calendar, which begins with Baisakha month and ends with Chaitra month. The names of every month in Odia are listed below.

All Odia month names are as follows:

  • Baisakha
  • Jyestha
  • Asadha
  • Srabana
  • Bhadraba
  • Aaswina
  • Karttika
  • Margasira
  • Pausa
  • Magha
  • Falguna
  • Chaitra
Odia Months Name

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Odia Months Name List in English:

Here is the Month’s name in Odia and English.

  • Baisakha (ବୌଶାଖ): April to May
  • Jyestha (ଜୌଷ୍ଟ): May to June
  • Asadha (ଆଷାଢ): June to July
  • Srabana (ଶ୍ରାବଣ): July to August
  • Bhadraba ( ଭାଦ୍ରବ): August to September
  • Aaswina (ଅଶ୍ୱିନ): September to October
  • Kartika (କାର୍ତ୍ତିକ): October to November
  • Maegashira( ମାର୍ଗଶୀର ): October to November
  • Pausha(ପୁଶ): November to December
  • Magha(ମାଘ): February to March
  • Phalguna(ଫାଲଗୁନ): March to April
  • Chaitra(ଚୌତ୍ର): April to May

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Odia Days Name

Similar to the English Days, In Odia, a Weak also has 7 days. Here is the list of all Odia Days and English Days names.

Odia DayEnglish Day
Rabibāra (ରବିବାର)Sunday

Six Seasons Name In Odia

Similar to English Calendar, Odia Calendar also has Six Seasons. The name of these Six seasons is SUMMER( Grishma), Rain ( Barsha), Autumun (Sarata), Fall ( Hemanta), Winter ( Sita), and Spring ( Basanta).

Six Seasons Name In Odia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There is How many Months are in Odia Calendar?

There are 12 months in Odia Calendar.

Q: What are the 12 Odia Months’ names?

The 12 Odia months name are Baisakha, Jyestha, Asadha, Srabana, Bhadraba, Aaswina, Karttika, Margasira, Pausa, Magha, Falguna, Chaitra.

Q: How many Ritu or Seasons are there in Odia?

There are Six Seasons in Odia.

Q: Which season is called Rutu Raja or King of all Seasons?

Spring Season(Basanta Rutu ବସନ୍ତ ଋତୁ) is called the King of all Seasons.

Q: Which day is celebrated as the Odia New Year?

Pana Sankranti or 14 April is Celebrated as the Odia New Year.

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