Odia Alphabet: Odia Barnamala A AA in Odia

Odia Barnamala or Odia Alphabet is the Odia script used for writing the Odia Language. Odia Barnamala primarily contains 49 letters and is divided into two parts. The Odia script encompasses 11 vowels (referred to as Swarabarna) and 38 consonants (known as Byanjan Barna).

In this post, we are going to provide comprehensive details about Odia Barnamala and its various types for students and individuals preparing for different competitive exams.

Odia Alphabet: Odia Barnamala

The Odia Alphabet or Barnamala consists of 49 letters. In the below image, we provide the complete list of Odia Alphabets.

Odia alphabet odia barnamala

To learn the Odia language, it is crucial to begin by familiarizing yourself with the Odia alphabet or script. This Odia Barnamla provides you with the necessary building blocks to progress in your language learning journey.

Odia Barnamala

Swarabarna in Odia

Odia language or Odia Barnamala consists of 11 Swarabarna( Vowels). Swarabarna or Vowels are the basic speech sounds produced without any help of other letters.

swarabarna in odia

Baynjana Barna In Odia

There are 38 “Vyanjana Barna” in the Odia language. “Vyanjana Barna” can’t be pronounced without the assistance of vowels.

baynjana barna

A AA In Odia

a aa in Odia

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