Matirkatha License 2022 (মাটির কথা): Online Licence Application, Registration Form

  • A  large number of people are living depending on cultivation in West Bengal. Almost 96% of people are farmers.
So, the government of West Bengal brought a scheme called Matirkatha(মাটির কথা প্রকল্প). It is basically an ICT-based platform for the agriculture department. Through this portal, all cultivation-related information and farmers’ problems regarding cultivation are solved.

Today in this article we are going to discuss Matirkatha application, license, recruitment, status, app download, etc.

Matirkatha (মাটির কথা প্রকল্প) 2022

Matirkatha is an ICT based portal. It had been launched by the Agriculture Department during the financial year (FY) 2014-15 and is being largely implemented throughout the state from FY 2015-16.

The portal is full of in-built content in both languages. Here the farmers get all queries regarding crops and cultivation. Almost 93 crops and interactive modules on crop-related questions and answers, farmers’ training, integrated nutrient management (INM), integrated pest management (IPT), fertilizer and pesticide calculators, and agricultural advisories and activities are included.

Other services are soil sample collection for issuing soil health cards to farmers, applications for financial assistance for farm mechanization, automation of crop-cutting experiments, tracking of crop insurance applications, etc.

The farmers get the answers to their queries in a very short time through SMS.

 Details of Matirkatha Portal

SchemeMatirkatha ( মাটির কথা প্রকল্প)
Launched byMamata Banerjee
StateWest Bengal
ObjectiveTo provide all agriculture-related solutions online.
BeneficiaryFarmers of West Bengal

Matirkatha net

The official portal of matirkatha is where the farmers get all the above services.

Through this portal the farmers can avail of the soil health card, krishak bandhu, Matir Katha-Krishoker Katha app, and Matir Katha Online Licensing System, solution of crops related problems, Bangla Shasya bima, scientific cultivation, weather and advice, map, etc.

Or you can visit this portal also

Objective and Benefits of Matirkatha Portal

The portal has been launched with some important objectives. 

  • To provide authentic information to the farmers.
  • To inform weather forecast for their cultivation.
  • To provide solutions for crop-related problems.
  • To provide licenses to business owners or shops of seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides or chemicals.
  • To provide soil health cards to farmers and many other services.

Matir Katha License

Entrepreneurs or shop owners can apply for licenses for selling seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemical products for cultivation. The license is provided within 30 days. The need to visit the office once for verification of documents.

Matirkatha online Licence system

If you want to apply for matirkatha online license, you can apply online. Follow These simple steps mentioned below.

By following the steps mentioned below you can apply for a fertilizer license online.

Matirkatha licence
Matirkatha login
  • Then enter your email ID, Password and click on the captcha.
  • Finally, click on the login button.

If you don’t have an account then click on Sign up button.

Then fill in all the required information such as email, password, name, photo, etc and create an account.

Matir Katha Fertilizer License Renewal Online

Follow the above steps to log in and renew your matirkatha license. Besides this you can log in and do all these Online Applications,  Verification  Track your application, Application Status  Inspection, Approval  Licensing  License Re-new, etc.

Matir Katha-Krishoker Katha App

The farmers can download matirkatha app through this app they can post their queries or problems and get answers. If any farmer faces any issue or finds damages to their crops, they can send their queries to the department. The official reply to the queries as soon as possible.

If you want to download matirkatha app click on here : Matir Katha App download

What Services The Farmers Get Through This App

The farmers also get the services like the portal on this mobile app. Services include crop problems, natural calamities, government schemes, farmers’ registration with the Department of Agriculture, and contact details of block Agriculture Department offices are available in the app.


 Matir Katha Recruitment

For all the above services the government need manpower or employee. Because all the district offices, subdivisional offices, and block offices are connected to the internet the government can provide all these agricultural benefits very easily. There are thousands of employees are working in those offices. 

If you are looking for matirkatha recruitment or job, you can visit the official portal or click on the direct link here to know the latest job vacancy.

Matirkatha Helpline Number

The farmers can contact the office of the department through toll-free numbers.   The Matir Katha Call Centre provides advice and help from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm.

Toll-free Number: 18001031100

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