Happy Utkal Divas Wishes In Odia: Odisha Day Messages, Greetings, Status, And Quotes

Happy Utkal Divas Wishes: Odisha celebrates Utkal Divas(ଉତ୍କଳ ଦିବସ), also known as Utakala Dibasa or Utkal Diwas, on April 1 every year. The diaspora of Odia also celebrates this day with similar fervor. Utkal Divas is observed to remember the establishment of the Odisha state, which was declared by the government on April 1, 1936.

Prior to its declaration as an independent state, Odisha was a part of the Bihar and Orissa province. This changed after significant revolutionary efforts that lasted for three decades. Discover more about Utkal Divas, its significance, and its history here.

Happy Utkal Divas Wishes In Odia

To wish your friends and family a Happy Utkal Divas, here are some best wishes images for Utkal Divas in Odia.

utkal divas wishes in Odia

Utkal Divas Odia Wishes

Every person in Odisha should be proud to be Odia and celebrate this day with full joy. Here are some Utkal Divas Odia wishes.

Utkal divas odia wishes

Odisha Day 2023 Wishes

Utkal Divas, also known as Odisha Day, is celebrated every year on April 1st to commemorate the formation of the state of Odisha. On the occasion of this beautiful day here are some wishes regarding Odisha and Odisha Day.

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Utkal Divas Status For Whatsapp

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Utkal Divas Images

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Happy Utkal Divas 2023

Happy Utkal Divas 2023, Utkal Divas 2023 images, Utkal Divas Wishes, quotes, greetings, messages, and many more.

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Utkal Divas Wallpaper

Utkal Divas Wishes and wallpaper are here.

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Utkal Divas Quotes

Utkal Divas Quotes: Here are some Best Quotes for Utkal Divas 2023. You can also download some best Utkal Divas Wishes in our website.

  • We may be individuals, but together we are Odisha.
  • Proud to be Odia, proud to be an Indian.
  • Let us celebrate the spirit of Odisha on this Utkal Divas.
  • Odisha’s culture is our heritage, let’s preserve it with pride.
  • On this Utkal Divas, let’s remember the sacrifice of our forefathers who fought for our freedom.
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Utkal Divas Wishes Overview

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More Facts About Utkal Divas and Its Celebration

In all of Odisha, Utkal Divas is enthusiastically observed. On this day, people offer prayers for the state’s and its citizens’ well-being. As the Odia people had to fight for this independence, celebrating Utkala Divas or Utakala Dibasa is crucial to establishing identity.

Utkal Divas, which began on April 1st in 1936, has been and will continue to be one of the most significant days in Orissa’s history. Consequently, some also refer to it as Odisha Day.

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History of Utkal Divas

On April 1, 1936, the provinces of Orissa and Bihar in British India were combined to form the state of Odisha.  After three decades of struggle, the Odia people finally achieved their goal of independence. The first of April is observed as Utkal Divas to remember this occasion. Here is some more background information on this day’s history.

The region now known as Odisha was formerly a part of Kalinga, one of the numerous kingdoms that rose from the ruins following Ashoka’s great war.

On Utkal Divas, the Indian Parliament first announced its intention to free Odisha from British rule and create a separate province, then an independent state, with Cuttack as its capital. The day is still widely observed throughout the state with much fanfare.

State of Odisha’s past

The creation of the cultural and social organization Utkal Sammilani fueled the Odias’ fight for independence. This group was established to advocate for the establishment of Odisha as an independent state. This group was established in 1903 by Utkala Gouraba Madhusudan Das, and the creation of the Odisha state is commemorated as Utkal Divas in his honor.

The Value of Utkal Divas Wishes

Odisha’s citizens are extremely proud of their state and its history. Due to the numerous factors that shape their identity as a state, they have many reasons to celebrate this day. Every year, the Utkal Divas is celebrated in grand style.

This day is one that the people of Odisha fervently and enthusiastically celebrated. To commemorate the historic event in 1936 when Odisha separated from Bengal and Bihar, Utkal Divas are observed. The first state founded on the Oriya language was Orissa. It was the first to be employed in Ashoka’s court and later developed into the region’s official language of government.

The flag is raised and a speech is delivered in front of the public by the chief minister of the state of Odisha on this day every year. In the evening, a public gathering is also planned where people come together to honor their ancestors who fought to end British rule.

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Celebrate Odisha Formation Day

The state of Odisha celebrates Utkal Divas, also known as Odisha Foundation Day, with great fervor. On this day, the state government declares a holiday and public events. Even the Odia diaspora in other countries observes the day with zeal.

Both students and government workers are given the day off. Cultural events and protests are held all over the state to commemorate the day. The state celebrates the day with a variety of cultural events, such as plays, dance performances, and musical concerts. Schools and colleges also observe Utkal Divas. Students organize rallies and processions in addition to cultural performances and poetry recitals to mark the occasion.

To celebrate the Utkal Divas, the State Government of Odisha organizes celebrations and events, including cultural programs, seminars, and exhibitions at various locations throughout the state. Odisha celebrates Utkal Divas on the anniversary of a significant event that laid the groundwork for their statehood.

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