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Happy Raja Wishes In Odia: Raja Festival Wishes, Raja Festival Images, Raja Festival Whatsapp Status, Raja Parba in Odia, Raja Parba Images for Instagram.

Raja Festival or Raja Parba ( ରଜ ପର୍ବ) is a three-day festival of womanhood observed in Odisha, India. The start of the solar month of Mithuna, from which the rainy season begins. Raja Festivals or Raja Sankranti is also known as Mithuna Sankranti.

Happy Raja Wishes In Odia

Happy Raja Wishes In Odia, Raja Parba Wishes, Raja Festival Odia Wish.

Happy Raja Wishes and Images

Raja is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Odias. On the occasion of this grand festival here are some Raja wishes and Images.

Raja Wishes In Odia

Raja Sankranti Wishes

About Raja Parba or Raja Festival

Raja Parba or Raja Festival occurs in the middle of June, and its first three days are referred to as Pahili Raja (ପହିଲି ରଜ), Raja Sankranti or Mithuna Sankranti, and Basi Raja. The final day, known as Basumati Snana, is when the women bathe the grinding stone that serves as a representation of Bhumi in turmeric paste and lavish it with flowers, sindoor, and other decorations. Mother Bhumi receives all kinds of seasonal fruits as offerings.

Happy Raja Festival

Sajabaja, or the preparatory day, is the day before the first day when the house, and kitchen, including the grinding stones, are cleaned and the three days’ worth of spices are ground. Women and girls take time off from work during these three days, dressing in new sarees, alatas, and jewelry.

Happy Raja Status

Millions of Odias Give status on this festival. For them here are some beautiful Happy Raja Status.

Raja Status and Wishes In Odia

Raja Messages and Stories

To wish your loved one and for social media status here are some raja messages and Stories.

Raja Festival Wishes
raja wishes

Raja Parba Wishes and Images

Raja Festivals are also commonly known as Raja Parba in Odisha. So Here are some Raja Parba Wishes and Images.

Raja Sankranti Images

Raja Parba Status

Raja Status and Wishes In Odia
Happy Raja Wishes

Mythological Viewpoint About Raja Parba

The first three days are thought to be when the mother goddess Earth, who is also known as Lord Vishnu’s divine wife, menstruates. The fourth day is known as Vasumati Snana or Bhudevi’s sacred bath. When a woman is menstruating, she is referred to as a “Rajaswala” or a menstruating woman.

The term “Raja” originated from the Sanskrit word “Rajas,” which means menstruation. In the middle ages, the festival gained popularity as an agricultural holiday commemorating the worship of Bhudevi, Lord Jagannath’s wife. Alongside Lord Jagannath in the Puri Temple is a silver statue of Bhudevi.

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