Following a second opinion a man who missed the Mega Millions jackpot by one number gets $1 million.

Just one number separated the winner of the Mega Millions Jackpot from a smaller but no less significant sum.

According to the Virginia lottery Malcolm Meredith was informed that his lottery ticket was invalid when he showed it to an individual who has not been identified.

The Harris Teetar in Manassas, Virginia at 10060 market circle where Meredith purchased his ticket,  received a $ 10000 price for doing so.

One in 12,607,306 hat the first 5 mega millions number match. One in 302 575 35 0 have a chance of matching all six numbers and winning the price.

The first five winning numbers by Meredith ticket which had numbers that were chosen at random by a machine using easy pick:  33, 40 59, 60 and 69.

Meredith decided to keep his ticket rather than toss it away. A few weeks later he examined it again and thought you might have own something.

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