5 Helpful Tips For Students To Write Excellent Essays In School

An excellent essay is the dream of every student. But, what should they do to write it? 

Academies today have a lot of guidelines and rules for essay writing. Amidst all that, students find it difficult to write good essays. But, understanding a few things can help them. So, today we’ll give you 5 tips to write an excellent essay every time. But first, let’s talk about a few important things.

Defining An Excellent Essay

Good academic essays are not just about having a good topic and a good thesis. They also need to have thoughtful arguments, well-developed paragraphs, and a well-organized structure. Contrary to popular understanding, a good essay does not just feature a good topic or thesis—while they are very important. 

Instead, it also needs to have thoughtful arguments so that the reader can dwell on them after reading. Besides that, it’s important the argument is fashioned within well-developed paragraphs. So, a writer must create a disciplined structure.

This structure is often called an outline so that the essay flows through. The outline contains the beginning, middle, and end. If you can discern these things in an essay, then the essay writer has done their job. Hence, the essay is easy to read and delivers the argument efficiently. 

Benefits Of Writing A Good Essay 

The benefits of writing a good essay aren’t just limited to the academic future. Instead, good writing skills in essays can follow you into your career and other aspects of life. That’s why a writer should always focus on writing good essays, as it can help them:

  • Academic Grades

The first thing you’ll get is good grades. Since essays are a big part of most curriculums in schools or colleges, a student can benefit greatly. That’s why a good essay writer will always earn good grades compared to students who aren’t as good at essays. 

  • Strong Profile

As a writer, essays help you establish a strong profile. People always prefer writers who have worked for years, and if your writing background stretches back to school, then it’ll help you a lot. So, good essays can help you build a formidable profile for the future in writing. 

  • Established Credibility As A Writer 

As a writer, you need to establish your credibility by writing original and quality content. So, if you decide to pursue a writer’s career after school, it’ll help you stand out in many ways. Thus, it’s important to write quality content so that you can establish your credibility as a writer. 

5 Helpful Tips For Writing Excellent Essays In School

A writer goes through many struggles to get things done. In essay writing, this struggle continues as the writer pursues higher quality content every time. So, let’s talk about the five key tips any student or writer can use to write quality essays. 

  1. Study Your Topics 

The first thing you need to do as a writer is to study your topic. The more you understand your subject, the more substance you will have in your mind to write. This isn’t rocket science, as a lot of people who are experts in their fields write quality content without any issues.

So, if you thoroughly study something, you’ll understand it just enough to write thousands of words about it. Thus, before you start writing, the simplest tip you need is to study your topic as much as you can before you even put one word on the paper.

  1. Write In 3 Main Parts

The outline of your essay is going to be an essential part of moving forward. However, it can change upon requirement, as some essays have additional headings and requirements, like extensive research essays. However, a common essay would always follow this pattern:

How to Write a Research Paper That Earns an A
  • Intro or beginning – where you introduce the topic and your motivation to write it;
  • Middle or main body – where you talk about the topic, arguments, research, etc.;
  • The end is usually the shortest part of the essay, where you wrap things up and discuss the outcome.

These three sections can help you write your essay much more efficiently. So, it’s important to formulate an outline for your essay every time.

  1. Write Readable Sentences & Paragraphs

Writing readable sentences and paragraphs will help you stand out much more than writing overly-complicated content. You see, the thing about good essays isn’t that you should use advanced language to convey the simplest ideas.

Instead, it’s about writing readable content and sentences that flow like water through the reader’s mind. Your teacher probably will have various other essays to check, so writing readable content will help your cause and improve your essay’s success. 

  1. Correct The Grammar

The thing you do not need in your essay content is grammatical issues. If there are words misspelled, missing punctuations, or other problems, you’ll ruin your essay’s chances. But, grammar-correcting can take time, so we suggest using a grammar checker:

Using a grammar checker can help you save a lot of time. Instead of manually correcting each word or finding the right spelling, using a grammar corrector like this will ensure that you don’t have to struggle to correct each word.

Instead, you can focus on other things while proofreading, such as structural issues, missing citations, etc.  

  1. Try Various Content Tones: Writing Active 

You need to be able to write in various content tones to achieve the best results possible. Moreover, instead of focusing on writing passive, you need to write in an active voice. So, what can you do to fix it? Use a paraphrasing tool that offers these options:

Or, you can use any paraphrasing tool that offers something like this. Doing so will help you improve your content’s overall quality, flow, fluency and voice. Besides, changing from smooth to formal, or vice versa, will help you write an essay that delivers the idea fluently. 


These are the five best tips you can get as a writer. They will help you write outstanding essays and ensure your abilities as a writer improve. So, try to focus on each aspect of your essay, as mentioned in these tips, and improve them one after the other. 

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